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Behind BR: First Look at Our Farmhouse Renovation

In June, we started to work on renovating a small farmhouse built in the 1930s. This cozy little cabin sits on six acres of land and boasts a picturesque creek running through the backyard. It is a sturdy home with a solid foundation and good bones, but outdated and dark. Yet, despite its need for cosmetic and structural updates, it is hard not to fall in love with this little piece of heaven.

A closer look at each of the rooms before we started the renovation

While the long term goal is to completely redo the layout of the house with an additional bathroom and master suite, we have been working to update the home on a smaller, yet impactful, scale. Some of the updates will be necessary to make this home livable and up to code. Since this is an older home, updates to the plumbing, electric, HVAC and other structural elements take precedent.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a large space with a great view of the property. With a little TLC involving deep cleaning and fresh paint will give the kitchen a great new feel.

The Bathroom

There is only one bathroom in the farm house. While it is functional, it is not particularly pleasant to the eye. A fresh coat of paint, new linens, and more storage will help bring this bathroom to a new decade.

The Living Room

The living room and surrounding space is quite the challenge with two alcoves, an original chimney and basement door. It is a small space and much of the walkway leading to it is taken up by a large wood burning stove that was installed by the previous owners. Eventually, the stove will be removed allowing more space for a much needed mudroom. As for the living room itself, it will get a new coat of paint but will remain structurally the same until the later renovation begins.

The Bedroom

Although the one bedroom is small, it will accommodate a queen bed and two nightstands. It will receive a new coat of paint as well.

The Upstairs

The attic turned upstairs space, will be used as a master bedroom until an addition to the house is made with a new master suite. The outdated sculptured shag carpet, along with ceiling fan and lights will be removed first. Fresh paint, new trim, window treatments and an area rug will make this an inviting master bedroom. To bring more light into the space, one of the closets will be removed by the window and central air will be installed in the second level so the window AC unit will no longer be necessary.

Time to clean.

Before we got started with the renovation we had to take time to clean the house top to bottom. While this may sound like a no-brainer, the amount of grease, smoke and grime left on the walls, trim and cabinets was astounding. We are hoping after a deep cleaning and a coat of odor killing primer we will be able to rid the home of the stale odor. With that in mind and the fact that the house had sat vacant for almost a year, we have our work cut out for us.

Stay tuned for more Behind BR and our Farm House reno!

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